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We've been conditioned our whole lives to believe that nothing in life is truly free. Well, this just is not the case. You can get quality free samples by mail on a regular basis! Yes, these samples are absolutely, totally, 1000% free. Companies offer samples of their products because they want to pick up new customers. Name brand companies will send out free samples of their products, hoping that the person receiving the freebie will like the product and continue to purchase it. This is beneficial to both the company and the consumer, which explains why these samples are legitimately free.

Ordering Free Samples by Mail

Ordering free samples in the mail is incredibly easy. If you are new to the process, have no fear! We will walk you through it. All you need to do is browse through our extensive selection of freebies and choose the ones you like. Once you find a product that you would like to order, just follow the link to the page where the free sample is being offered. Fill out your information, and the free sample should arrive in the mail within a few weeks: Simple as that!


Free Baby Samples

Free Samples for Women!

Posted  January 17, 2014  by  admin

Get some free samples exclusively for women. This site has all of the great free samples you want including free makeup samples, free beauty samples, free household samples, and so much more! These are some of the best free samples by mail for women around, so I highly suggest you check it out. Click here […]

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Free Miscellaneous Samples

Free Air Optix Contact Lenses

Posted  October 2, 2013  by  admin

For a limited time, you can get a free 30-day supply of Air Optix contact lenses Please follow the steps below   1. Click on the banner below to go to the free sample page 2. Click on one of the banners on the top, bottom, or right of the page.   3. You will […]

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Free Beauty Samples

Free Samples of Dailies Contact Lenses for a Month

Posted  July 9, 2013  by  admin

Do you wear contacts? Do you like freebies? How about month long freebies? I think I hear a yes, yes, yes. Well, now it’s time to combine those things you like into one; because right now you can get a month’s worth of Dailies Contact Lenses for FREE! Simply click the “free trial offer” link […]

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Free Beauty Samples

Enter Now to Win a $500 Kohl’s Gift Card

Posted  July 3, 2013  by  admin

A $500 Kohl’s gift card? Yes, it is true! You can enter right now to win a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR Kohl’s gift card, and its simple as can be. Easily sign up for Rewards For Mom (a fantastic program that sends you freebies, coupons, and other gift cards) and just like that you’ll be entered […]

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Free Baby Samples

Awesome deals from Deals for Mommy

Posted  June 19, 2013  by  admin

If your a mom, you know you can’t say no to free baby samples or spectacular savings! So why spend all day coupon-ing or searching for free samples when you get all the best deals from the brand names you trust in one single place! Do yourself, your kids, and especially your wallet a favor […]

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Newest Freebies

Free Baby Samples

Save up to 90% off on Life!

Posted  November 5, 2013  by  admin

If you are still paying full price for local events and restaurants, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY! Living Social can save you hundreds of dollars LivingSocial is the local marketplace to buy and share the best things to do in your city. With unique and diverse offerings each day, Living Social inspires members to discover […]

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Free Perfume/Cologne Samples

Hugo Red Fragrance for Men FREE Sample

Posted  November 4, 2013  by  admin

Men, these are the freebies your noses (and wallets) have been waiting for! Cause, right now you can get a sample of the AMAZING smelling Hugo Red Fragrance for men for F.R.E.E.!! It’s time to smell as fantastic as you feel, so why wait another single minute? Go and get your free sample of Hugo […]

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Free Health Samples

Free Zarbee’s Adult Sleep Melting Tabs

Posted  November 2, 2013  by  admin

Raise your hand if you don’t like sleep. Oh, no hands? Hm raise your hand if you don’t like free product samples? Again, no hands?! Well, then do I have the deal for you! Right now you can get yourself a sample of the wonderful Zarbee’s Naturals Adult Sleep Melting Tabs for F.R.E.E.! Sick of […]

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Free Drink Samples

Sample of K-Cup Lipton Tea for FREE

Posted  October 25, 2013  by  admin

Free product samples that’ll keep you, your taste buds, and your wallet happy! How you ask? Well, right now you can snatch yourself up a sample of delicious and easy to make K-Cup Lipton Tea for (wait for it…) FREE FREE FREE! Contain your excitement, tell all your friends and family, and go grab your […]

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Free Beauty Samples

Bodycology Charmed Apple Body Cream Free Sample

Posted  October 14, 2013  by  admin

Freebies that’ll make your nose and body go “WOW”! Yes, the dream has come true. Right this very second you can grab yourself a delicious smelling silky feeling sample of Bodycology’s Body Cream’s newest scent, Charmed Apple, for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Tell all your friends and family and go grab your […]

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